About Us

We started in the fence business many years ago, in the 1970’s. At the time, we were operating a small dairy farm and  read about  the so-called Australian electric fence.  We looked into this type of, at the time, new fencing  and subsequently learned about the Gallagher fence system, which actually comes from New Zealand. Now, all these years later we are still Gallagher dealers, though our fencing style has changed over the years.  We have fenced in bison, llamas, alpacas, goats, dogs and kept out coons, woodchucks, bear, deer, dogs, coyotes and even turtles from lettuce beds. We have installed fence at airports to keep deer off the runway.  We’ve had a customer who was bothered by pirates in his sailboat and he tried an electric fence system to keep the pirates off the boat!  We are definitely a “mom and pop” business. In addition to selling electric fence systems, Laura has raised donkeys for at least as long, though now we are down to five, somewhat aged, donkeys. We have all types: Mammoth Jackstock, spotted standard and miniatures. Photos of the donkeys will appear here and there on this site. In addition to teaching folks about fencing, John makes hay for the donkeys during the summer and he also likes to work on his antique tractors. The latest has been a Ford 8N, which will probably also appear on the site.