Over the years we have  tried many types of fencing – both permanent and temporary, on our own farms.  After 30+ years, we recommend Gallagher energizers, 12 ½ ga. Aluminum wire, Bedford Reinforced Plastic posts and Mule corners for an excellent, predator proof, critter safe, permanent fence.  Aluminum wire is  ideal for all fencing needs whether it be cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and other livestock or to keep critters out of gardens, bee hives, Christmas tree plantations, etc. It doesn’t rust and conducts electricity 4 times better than steel. It’s also lighter-weight and easier to handle. If an animal runs into it, it will break rather than cut the animal. If you get a kink in the wire, cut the kink out and insert a Grippletm which we sell here at Walnut Grove Farm. A Grippletm uses the technology of a Chinese finger: once you put the wire in, you can’t pull it back out. This works for tightening the fence, repairing wires, and building the corners.

We prefer Gallagher energizers because they have been proven reliable over the  30+ years we have been using and selling them. Our own energizer is a 30 year old Gallagher. Gallagher has a variety of 110 volt, battery and solar energizers for every situation.  Energizer selection is determined by the species to be controlled and acres to be fenced. All Gallagher energizers carry a 2 year warranty (including lightening damage – with a lightening protector).  John can repair the Gallagher units right here at the farm, usually while you wait. (Loaners are available if necessary.)  We have a pretty complete selection of repair parts, including module boards, transformers and capacitors, as well as parts for older Gallagher energizers.  Ground rods are required in an electric fence, the number of them depending on the size of the energizer, but as a general rule 24’ of grounding is essential.

The Mule corners have proved worthwhile over the years as they are easy to put in, can be removed and used again if the fence needs to be changed.  The corners and end assemblies are installed with augers in the ground.  They can also be easily  installed on rock, ledge or concrete. They stand up to most treatment, are attractive, safe and long lasting. They come in 4’, 5’ and 6’ heights, with 5’ being the standard height for most farm animals. 4” might be used for pigs and 6’ is used around plantings and other things attractive to deer.

We have a complete line of insulators of all kinds, Gripples, handles, spring gates, rolling J bolts. Along with the GA energizers, we have fence testers, lightening diverters, switches.  We work with many different companies. Over the years we have selected the brands and types of equipment that we feel works best.

For temporary fence, we carry poultry netting and sheep and goat nets, as well as various tapes and ropes.  With the tapes and ropes, we have to have  a variety of insulators, connectors and reels available. Step-in posts come from several different companies and are available in different configurations and sizes.  These are good around gardens, for rotational grazing, dividing a pasture inside a perimeter fence, for a temporary pen on a trail ride (used with a battery charger).  Premier nets are available.

Eye Protection and Gloves should be worn when stringing wire.